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POLE Focusing Spotlight

NEW FOR 2019






< FOCUSABLE from 10 to 40 Degrees




Display Lighting has recently launched the new LED POLE following a number of requests for a spotlight with focuseable beam of light.


LED POLE can produce a beam of light from a narrow 10 degrees through to a wide angle 40 degrees meaning that it is the perfect lighting solution for illuminating a variety of different size products wihtout having to install different models of lighting.


LED POLE spotlights can be controlled and operated in a number of ways. Display Lighting can also provide the LED POLE spotlights wired as a plug and play system that can be stand alone or supplied with 1-10V dimming and Bluetooth enabled control is now available so that the spotlights can be switched and dimmed from your smart phone or tablet using IOS or Android.

POLE Focusing Spotlight 2W 700mA Focusable LED Spotlight (4000K) Black
POLE Focusing Spotlight 2W 700mA Focusable LED Spotlight (4000K) Black

2W 700mA Focusable LED Spotlight (4000K) Black

product code POLE

Luminous Flux: 100lm Luminaire efficacy: 50lm/W CRI: 93> CCT: 4000K Chromaticity tolerance (initial MacAdam): 3 SDCM Life time: 50,000hrs Luminaire... learn more

Registered in England & Wales: 3901301 - VAT Registration No: GB748431615