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SWOT LED Downlights

As small as possible to hide the light souce, SWOT generates very efficient light directing customers  to the your products. Accurate colour rendering provides the best product presentation. SWOT can be used individually or combined with other stem showcase lighting to create more dynamic lighting effects.

SWOT LED Downlights 1.4W 500mA Eyeball Downlight
SWOT LED Downlights 1.4W 500mA Eyeball Downlight

1.4W 500mA Eyeball Downlight

product code SWOT

Luminous Flux: 170lm@840 Luminaire efficacy: 121lm/W@840 CRI min.: 80/90 CCT: 3000K CRI90 | 4000K CRI90 | 5000K CRI80 Chromaticity tolerance (initial MacAdam): 3... learn more

Registered in England & Wales: 3901301 - VAT Registration No: GB748431615