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MINI EYEBALL 1W Downlights


MINI EYEBALL LED downlights incorporate a single 1W 350mA LED producing 79 - 90lm/W and have been designed to be used in a number of different applications in the retail, museum and display sectors. The small directional downlight gives an excellent narrow beam of focused to centrepiece products.


MINI EYEBALL LED downlights are supplied with a choice of 4000K or 6000K LED for illuminating different types of products.


  • Integrated LED (90lm)
  • UL Approved.
  • Adds 'sparkle' to jewellery, watches and glass.
  • Low heat illumination.
  • No ultraviolet light so does not fade materials.
  • Unobtrusive.
  • Reduces heat emissions and heat build-up in store.
  • Directional focused spotlights.
  • Reduces energy bills by up to 80%.

Registered in England & Wales: 3901301 - VAT Registration No: GB748431615