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FIXED Configurable LED Recessed Downlights


The NUMINOS light system combines technology, design and functionality like no other. This way, you can experience a thousand lighting design possibilities with a variety of downlights and spotlights. High-quality workmanship and light. Ideal for discreet, modern and space-saving lighting that directs the accent to objects or the room. Installation is then done in no time at all.


  • Beam Angle - *** OPTIONS AVAILABLE ***
  • Dimmable - *** OPTIONS AVAILABLE ***
  • Finish - *** OPTIONS AVAILABLE ***
  • IP Rating - IP20
  • Lamp - Non User Replaceable LED
  • LED Colour - *** OPTIONS AVAILABLE ***
  • Material - Aluminium
  • QTY per pack - 1
  • Voltage - *** OPTIONS AVAILABLE ***
  • Wattage - *** OPTIONS AVAILABLE ***

1. NUMINO FIXED Performance Data & Installation Dimensions

[click to expand]

Depending on your room dimensions and ceiling height, you can select the maximum power consumption and light dimensions.

Tip: when converting or replacing, please note the diameter of existing ceiling drill holes.

S | 8.6 Watt | Cuout Diameter 68mm
The lowest output is ideal for small and narrow spaces as well as areas with low ceilings - e.g. in office buildings or individual offices, corridors, and living spaces.

M | 17.5 Watt | Cutout Diameter 90mm
The 17.5 Watt variant can be used universally in most spaces - the perfect balance between efficiency and output for medium-sized living spaces, shops, and offices.

L | 25.4 Watt | Cuout Diameter 117mm
Ideal for illuminating larger spaces in shops and offices, or higher ceilings.

XL | 37.4 Watt | Cutout Diameter 145mm
The 37.4 Watt variant is the perfect choice for illuminating larger spaces - e.g. entry halls, conference halls, exhibition spaces in museums, banquet halls in hotels, or public buildings.


2. NUMINO Finish

[click to expand]

By selecting housing in black or white, and a decorative ring in black, white, or chrome, you can match the appearance of the downlight to the room and ceiling design. At the same time, the colour of the decorative ring influences the reflection of the light emitted.

In addition to its optical properties, the white decorative ring causes a higher reflection of the emitted light.

The black decorative ring provides a certain amount of absorption, reducing the reflection of the light emitted.

The chrome-coloured decorative ring ensures a higher reflection of the light emitted. Combined with black or white housing, it also creates an elegant appearance.


3. NUMINO Beam Angle

[click to expand]

"The half beam angle describes the angle between two points at which luminous intensity falls to 50% of the maximum value and is no longer perceptible to the eye. Depending on the angle size, the diameter of the light cone will vary. The smaller this is, the more narrow the beam of light will be.

Perfect for emphasising shop displays, creating accent lighting above tables and counters, or for an intimate ambience in bars and restaurants. The narrow angle is ideal in combination with lower power consumption.

The 40° angle is suitable for creating emphasis lighting in spaces - e.g. for shops and museums or living spaces where attention needs to be directed to specific areas.

The wide angle creates more extensive and uniform illumination. This makes it the perfect choice for uniform basic lighting or, together with high power consumption, for larger rooms.,"


4. NUMINO LED Colour Temperature

[click to expand]

The light colour is indicated in Kelvin. It allows you to alter the lighting mood to suit your preferences. The colour spectrum of the downlights ranges from cosy warm white with an increased yellow component to motivating neutral white, which corresponds to a more neutral light with a higher white component.

With its high yellow content, warm white light is perceived as especially cosy, making it ideal for living spaces, restaurants, hotel rooms, and contexts where an especially welcoming ambience is required.

Also known as warm white, this offers the best balance between efficiency and brightness, and is perfect for use in homes, restaurants, and shops.

Neutral white light is perceived as noticeably brighter and more functional, but also motivating. Thanks to its high efficiency and realistic colour reproduction, it is perfect for use in shops and offices.



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Select from the Plug & Play options below, if your requirement is not shown in the list please add a note to your quote request or contact one of our sales team on 0044 (0) 161 207 3355 or email

Casambi Smartphone App required for Bluetooth control (available on IOS & Android)



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