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DP2LED Double Gantry Luminaires

Display Lighting now offers a Double Gantry Luminaire designed for installation into the centre of counter and showcase displays to illuminate two opposite displays from a single light source.

Display Lighting have been manufacturing bespoke variations of DPLED luminaires for the last few years and the "gantry surround" configuration has proven to be one of the most popular. It is a perfect lighting solution for illuminating jewellery counter displays.

Advantages of Installing Display Lighting Gantry Luminaires into your displays:

  • Adds 'sparkle' to jewellery, watches and merchandise.
  • Low heat illumination.
  • Any width up to 2500mm.
  • Any height up to 1000mm.
  • No ultraviolet light so does not fade materials.
  • Uniform shadow-free illumination.
  • Unobtrustrusive, sleek design.
  • Bespoke/Made to measure product.
  • Reduces heat emissions and heat build up in-store.
  • Can reduce your energy bills by up to 80% (compared to halogen/metal halide).
  • Dimmable by Bluetooth, Trailing Edge, 1 - 10V or DALI.
DP2LED Double Gantry Luminaires Double Gantry Profile Luminaires
DP2LED Double Gantry Luminaires Double Gantry Profile Luminaires

Double Gantry Profile Luminaires

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The popular DP2LED gantry lighting system is designed and manufactured by Display Lighting in the UK. The team at Display Lighting designed DP2LED Gantry Luminiares as an unobtrusive... learn more

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