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DPSLED Gantry Surround Luminaires





Display Lighting have been manufacturing bespoke variations of DPSLED luminaires for a number of years and the "gantry surround" configuration has proven to be one of the most popular. It is a perfect lighting solution for illuminating jewellery counter displays as well as any high end merchandise or museum artefact.






Advantages of Installing Display Lighting Gantry Luminaires into your displays:

  • Adds 'sparkle' to jewellery, watches and merchandise.
  • Any width up to 2000mm.
  • Any length up to 2000mm.
  • Any height up to 1000mm.
  • Clear (Full brightness), Opal (Reduced Dots) & White (No Dots) Diffusers.
  • Low heat illumination, reducing heat emissions and heat build up in-store.
  • No ultraviolet light so will not fade materials.
  • Unobtrusive, sleek design offering uniform shadow-free illumination.
  • Can reduce your energy bills by up to 80% (when compared to halogen/metal halide).
  • Dimmable by Bluetooth, Triac or DALI.
  • CRI90> on all CCT.
  • Build a gantry surround luminaire to your exact specification.
DPSLED Gantry Surround Luminaires Gantry Surround Profile Luminaires
DPSLED Gantry Surround Luminaires Gantry Surround Profile Luminaires

Gantry Surround Profile Luminaires

product code DPSLED/24.ECC15

The team at Display Lighting designed DPSLED Gantry Surround Luminaires as a lighting solution for illuminating showcases and counters. They can be fixed using any of the options below and... learn more

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