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MiniMAX LED Modules                                     MiniMAX MS LED Modules

The remarkable LED system designed for small channel letters as shallow as 1.5 inches in depth delivers incredibly uniform light, installs easily and operates efficiently. The Tetra® miniMAX is now IP66 and UL wet rated which makes it more robust and reliable even under wet weather.

Working closely with sign builders and owners, we’ve refined our design to improve performance while decreasing the amount of product required, further reducing installation and material costs.


Powerful OptiLens™

Tetra® miniMAX features OptiLens™ a patented technology that captures otherwise wasted
light and redirects it towards the illuminated surface with impressive uniformity. It optimizes
each LED—which enables wider stroke spacing—reducing the amount of material needed per
sign while helping protect the LED against moisture, humidity, damage and corrosion.


MiniMAX Wet Location Rated

Now there’s a miniMAX solution for wet locations where saturation with water or other liquids is likely.
Integrating all the same performance features of miniMAX, the miniMax wet rated is IP66 and UL wet
rated. It contains an added over molded design that protects against water ingress, dust and damage, and a special module top surface to eliminate water retention —no separate enclosure is required.


Can cut product required almost in half

Many LED systems use about 13 LED modules in 2 rows to fill a capitol "T" channel letter that’s 2 feet high.

Use one row, not two.

Tetra® miniMAX stretches stroke spacing to an impressive 7 inches in a 3-inch depth channel while maintaining impressive light uniformity on the sign face. It protects your customers’ brand image while reducing product costs and saving you installation time.


Total Reliability

To ensure every Tetra® miniMAX installation will operate brilliantly for years, we perform the most extensive, stringent testing in the industry. Rather than relying solely on test data from LED suppliers, we test the LED, water and dust ingress protection, sub-system and complete system at our in-house and independent laboratories around the world. Validation of our designs, components, products and processes include high-temperature, high-humidity and accelerated life testing.

Sign Modules MiniMAX LED Modules
Sign Modules MiniMAX LED Modules

MiniMAX LED Modules

product code MINIMAX

Maximum Supply Wire Limits (0 - 20W) 18AWG - 36.6 m Maximum Supply Wire Limits (60W - 180W) 18AWG  - 6.1 m 16AWG - 7.6m 14AWG - 10.6m 12AWG - 12... learn more

Sign Modules MiniMAX MS LED Modules
Sign Modules MiniMAX MS LED Modules

MiniMAX MS LED Modules

product code MINIMAX-MS

Maximum Supply Wire Limits (0 - 20W) 18AWG - 36.6 m Maximum Supply Wire Limits (60W - 180W) 18AWG - 6.1 m 16AWG - 7.6m 14AWG - 10.6m 12AWG - 12... learn more

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