back to 24v dc constant voltage led drivers 40W 24V DC Constant Voltage LED Driver (Non Dimming)
Lighting Control 24V DC Constant Voltage LED Drivers
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Product Specification
Dimmable - No No Finish - Grey Grey
Fixing - Screw Fixing Screw Fixing Height - 32mm 32mm
Length - 157mm 157mm Maximum Load - <1.5A <1.5A
QTY per pack - 1 1 Voltage - 110 -240V AC 110 -240V AC
Wattage - 40W 40W Width - 42mm 42mm

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Product Description

• Low output current ripple (<10 %)
• Thermal protection: dimming instead of switch off
• Active output overvoltage protection
• High efficiency across a wide range of loads
• Power factor 0.97
• ENEC certified
• Engineered and Manufactured in Europe


Thermal overload protection
If the maximum output power is exceeded, the LED driver reduces the LED output current. After elimination of the overload the nominal operation is restored automatically.
Overtemperature protection
The LED driver is protected against thermal overload. If the temperature limit is exceeded, the output current is reduced.
Short-circuit protection
In case of a short circuit the LED driver switches to protection mode. After the removal of the short-circuit fault the LED driver will recover automatically.
No-load operation
In no-load operation the output voltage will not exceed the specified open circuit output voltage.

5 year warranty

Lumotech drivers come with the assurance of a 5 year warranty. After all, with typical LED lifetimes of 50,000 hours, it is critical to have a power supply with equal reliability.


40W 24V DC Constant Voltage LED Driver (Non Dimming)

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