back to constant current led drivers 200mA-1200mA 20W (180-240VAC) (6-42V CC) LED Driver (1-10V)
Lighting Control Constant Current LED Drivers
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Product Specification
Dimmable - 1-10V Potentiometer 1-10V Potentiometer Finish - Grey/Blue Grey/Blue
Fixing - Screw Fix Screw Fix Height - 23.5mm 23.5mm
Length - 110mm 110mm Maximum Load - 20W 20W
QTY per pack - 1 1 Voltage - 180-240Vac 180-240Vac
Wattage - 20W 20W Weight - 105g 105g
Width - 52mm 52mm

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Product Description
  • Wide output voltage range 6 - 42 Vdc
  • Wide range of current settings 150 - 1200 mA
  • 14 different voltage settings
  • 1-10V dimming and pulse dimming
  • Max inrush current 0.25 A
  • Low output current ripple (<1 %) at 100 Hz
  • Active overcurrent protection
  • Up to 85 % efficiency across a wide range of loads
  • Power factor 0.97
  • SELV
  • ENEC certified
  • Engineered and Manufactured in Europe

Lumotech LED drivers are designed to operate LED solutions for general lighting applications. With Lumotech LED drivers, flexibility in luminaire design is assured thanks to an adjustable output current.
The LEDlight L05011i2 LED Power Supply can deliver 150 mA to 1200 mA in a voltage range of 6 to 42 Vdc. This ensures a perfect fit to most LED applications including the new Chip-on-board (COB) devices from Bridgelux and others. It is also dimmable with a pulse dimmer and 1-10V/100K potentiometer. Low inrush current and a low output current ripple has been designed with system reliability in mind. Short and open circuit protection, overload, over voltage and thermal protection are mandatory features in today's LED designs.
Lumotech power supplies are high quality products backed by a 5 years product warranty. Quality and lifetime have been designed in by robust designs and highest grade components. This guarantees the best price / quality ratio and the best performance on meaningful specification points. Lumotech Power Supplies are developed and manufactured in the EU.


200mA-1200mA 20W (180-240VAC) (6-42V CC) LED Driver (1-10V)

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