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Quo Vadis Jewellery

Thank you for the speedy delivery, very much appreciated Will definitely keep you in mind for new things and highly recommend you to others.  

Sarah Leighton

News Archive

Sundari Jewellery12th July 2021

Sundari Jewellery I just wanted to say thank you for the very fast delivery. You really saved my day. Very happy with the product too. read more

Piers Shorrock8th January 2021

Piers Shorrock Just wanted to send a photo of the cabinet. The lights are really cool. So pleased with how the cabinet has turned out with the lights. Thank you for all the help and support. Kind regards   read more

MW28th January 2021

MW2 Display Lighting have offered us great service and fantastic lighting solutions in our new store. The DisplayLED Profile Lighting System has worked wonders in our specially designed cabinets, ensuring maximum focus on our jewellery products. The advanced more

Millbrook Galleries24th September 2020

Millbrook Galleries Just to say thanks very much for the fast work on the lights, everything is perfect and the lights are awesome.  I’ll be back in touch possibly at some point for at least another one of those . Best regards Michael read more

Catalyst6th July 2020

Catalyst We recently finished an installation using the LED spots and drivers we purchased in June. Thank you for the excellent products and advice. Thank you Todd    read more

Design & Build18th February 2020

Design & Build Just to say a massive thanks for all of your help last week with the lights.  Our showcases got sent off on time and everyone was super happy. I’ll certainly give you a shout in the future should we need your help again. more

Trafalgar History16th January 2020

Trafalgar History I'd just like to say that we have cut and fitted our track system in our cupboard, and we could not ask for a better result. The gloomy cabinet is now flooded with light, and the cameo glass bowl absolutely glows, in a way that nothing else could make more

Tissus d’Hélène Ltd16th January 2020

Tissus d’Hélène Ltd "I cannot thank you enough for your help. You were all so efficient and went beyond what most companies would do. Within a matter of hours the lights which I needed had been rewired to our specification and shipped. They arrived the next day and more

Wolf Studios19th November 2019

Wolf Studios Thank you for your patience and for helping us get the right components for the job. In the end, the LEDs looked great! read more

Exhibition Equipment4th November 2019

I thought I would send you a note to say thank you for your help and honesty, which is really appreciated. It was such a relief to see your email and even better when your delivery arrived a short time ago. They will be fitted immediately so another problem solved. Thank you and your more

Kath Jamieson30th October 2019

Just wanted to say that my lighting kit arrived yesterday and I am thrilled to bits with it. Can't wait to take it to my next show later on this month. Excellent service from your team. I will be recommending you to my friends.   read more

Colin Ritchie13th October 2016

Just to let you know we used our new lighting this last weekend at a show my wife was attending and the lights were just ideal, and much admired. There was some doubt about the availability of mains power, so we were fortunate to have the battery backup option. We did have mains power in the end, but having tested the lights using my 22ah golf trolley battery, the lights were more

Simon Moorhouse Fine furniture15th September 2016

Good afternoon. I recently purchased some items and I would just like to thank you for your efficiency. I find it increasingly difficult, particularly over the holiday period to get good help and advise from suppliers, but I was pleasantly surprised by the great service I received off yourself.   read more

Tyntesfield1st July 2016

Tyntesfield Thanks for your help and expertise - myself and everyone at Tyntesfield is really pleased with the exhibition lighting - it made all the difference. read more

Heart Gallery14th June 2016

Heart Gallery Thank you for such a speedy and professional service. read more

Firecracker Works19th May 2016

The lights look great and the speed and care with which you have dealt with the order has been fantastic! Thank you so much read more

Lauren Grace Jewellery28th April 2016

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the help with the lights, and for making them so quickly. They arrived today and they look amazing!!! read more

Congreve Recruitment 8th July 2015

My new battery lighting kit had its first outing yesterday - absolutely brilliant! Made a real difference to the display, and still going strong after eight hours. Many thanks for your help. and excellent customer service   read more

TAJ Jewels16th February 2015

TAJ Jewels Paul and his team thoroughly guided me step by step for the appropriate lighting for my diamond showroom. I can't thank him enough for the results! Highly recommended! read more

Mackray Electrical29th January 2015

Mackray Electrical I'm sure you probably don't need to see how good your products are but attached is a photo of the shop window I installed 2 x 10W DPLED strips this morning, the lighting is first class. read more

Kiki McDonough14th April 2014

We have finally fitted the lights and they look fantastic thank you so much! read more

MW2 - Mark Worthingtons Jewellers13th February 2013

Display Lighting have offered us great service and fantastic lighting solutions in our new store. The DisplayLED Profile Lighting System has worked wonders in our specially designed cabinets, ensuring maximum focus on our jewellery products. The advanced light colour changing feature has enabled us to interchange our cabinets with gold and silver jewellery as well as stainless steel and more

Silvertree Jewellery27th September 2012

I would just like to say the service from display-lighting was brilliant and the lighting makes the shop look fantastic! I highly recommend this company! read more

Jacobs Jewellers of Reading27th March 2012

Not only does the right lighting make our products stand out, but by using LED luminaries there is virtually no maintenance required as well as a reduced running cost. We also have total control over lighting levels and colour balance –something we’ve never quite been able to achieve until now! read more

John Piekaar7th December 2011

Thanks for all the advice in getting the right product for the job.   read more

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