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Achieving a magnificent brightness increase of 20% for both standard and high brightness panels, LED Litesheet has been dramatically improved. Furthermore, due to advances in LED technology, Series 2 LED Litesheet achieves this brightness increase without compromising the energy efficiency of the panels. Indeed, testing on 300mm square, cool white panels showed a minute increase of just 0.12W in both the standard and high brightness units in comparison to their Series 1 counterparts.


7 different colour temperatures now in stock.

A clear sheet of acrylic is etched with a uniform matrix and securely embedded with thermally managed LEDs. The etched matrix acts as a vehicle to carry a bright, even light from the LEDs across the entire surface of the light panel. Each LED light panel is manufactured in the UK to bespoke requirements.


Evenly Distributed Light
Sourced for its rigidity and light transmission properties, a clear PMMA acrylic is etched using 3D V-cutting technology. This patented engraving technique ensures light is evenly distributed across the surface of the acrylic to deliver a flat illuminated panel.

UK manufacture: provides short lead times
Low maintenance: components made to last



Bespoke requirements
Cut to specified measurements and manufactured to suit internal or external applications, each LED Litesheet is embedded with a choice of cool white, warm white or RGB LEDs. To achieve subtle lighting effects lighting controllers may be added.

Made to measure: with customised sizes and shapes
Colour choice: Kelvin temperature or RGB colour changing LEDs



Patent Protected Thermally Managed LEDs
LED Litesheet incorporates a unique heat sink which dissipates the heat generated by the LEDs. This ensures the light panel runs cool to the touch and maximises the longevity of the LED modules.

Bright: high powered thermally managed LED modules
Longevity: lifespan over 50,000 hours



Ease of Installation
Supplied with the LEDs securely embedded and all internal connections and wiring complete, LED Litesheet is delivered ready to install. The power cord is positioned in a chosen location at the side or reverse around the perimeter of the unit.

Ease of wiring: simple plug and play connectors
LEDs installed: user friend

LED LiteSHEET Made to Measure LED Litesheet
LED LiteSHEET Made to Measure LED Litesheet

Made to Measure LED Litesheet

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Illuminating the possibilities with LED Litesheet A very slim LED light panel characterised by a slim profile and manufactured in the UK to bespoke requirements, this innovative and versatile... learn more

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